Monday, April 13, 2009

Studio or Junk Pile

I have an entire upstairs at my disposal. My daughter Meghan says I should emphasize the word disposal and get rid of some of my stuff. I tell her she doesn't understand the needs of an artist. She is probably right.I store yarn and fabric and other stuff. I store well. What I don't do is sew. This is a shame because I have no spring clothes that fit. See the T-shirt on the dress form. I started that months (and 29 lbs.) ago. It isn't quite finished---but finishing won't make it fit.
Some of this yarn will never be knit by me. The problem is I don't know which yarn that is. I really need to set up and learn to use my knitting machine.
Did I mention I also have a bit of fiber?

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Meghan said...

Of course I'm right! If you can't imagine a project for it, move it out. It's not like you can't or won't buy more yarn, cloth, fiber, etc.

29!!! Awesome and it shows!