Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To be or not to be?????

ARGHHHHHHHHHH! This house thing has me just stunned--gobsmacked as the Brits say. DH thinks we can build a new house for X dollars. Wonderful architect comes and says 3X dollars. Dear friend who is realtor says 3X dollars. Jane says Whoa!

So, Plan M. M may be for moisture. The guy comes tomorrow to check for mold and moisture damage---and he will find it. DH says is won't cost much to fix. I've lost faith in DH's ability in this area. The guy is a creative genius of engineering, aviation, cycling, F1 racing and Shakespeare. He don't know nuthin' about buildin' houses.

I've decided to fix this one up as I would to sell it, but then not. I'm going to put my laundry upstairs somewhere and then just be happy. It's as simple as that.

Once that decision was made, I could knit again. In fact, patterns are jumping up all over in my brain. I have several sock patterns in mind and some wristlets. I made Jake a sweater (See opening photo) since he has been groomed and no longer has his Wookie-hair to keep him warm. Last walk Henry peed on Jake's head, so I guess a hat is next for him.

I've knit 10 mini-sweaters and two mini-socks for my Christmas tree. Pictures are on the guild's blog. I really enjoyed teaching the program. The socks are just plain old 24 st socks and work up quickly. Use your leftover yarn.