Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finished Projects

Precious Pal for the Guild Service Project involved a fair isle vest complete with steeks. The pattern is heavily based on Onslow's Vest
by Katherine Misegades. This is a good resource for anyone wanting to try some fair isle and cut some steeks.
Katherine shares the A Time to Knit site with fellow designer Jolene Treace who has some fantastic cabled sweater patterns. Jolene is a chat group friend and really does fine work. Check out the entire site.

From Victorian Lace . . .

I used a yarn from KnitPicks--Shimmer--70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk --$5.49 /50 gm hank and a size 6 needle. The color is Stained Glass. I truly loved working with the yarn. I like the twist and the feel of the yarn. Like other lace patterns, handpaint makes it harder to see therefore a bit slower to knit. Worth it though. See the detail below. I'm in love with this lace. More lace yarns in stash so more lace projects to come.
I didn't notice the small pooling of the turquoise until I had knitted way past it, so it just is. Life's too short to go back.

Below is the newest free sock pattern on the site--see side column. this one used SWTC Tofuties yarn. I have several others to post once I get them written. I've decided I don't like submitting patterns to magazines, etc., because you can't talk about them or share them with friends. I won't get rich selling patterns, so it is more fun to just give them away. Watch for more patterns and email me if you have problems.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Destashing--The Book List

The Book List

Buyer pays all shipping costs. Email me if you have questions. Lots of magazines for sale at $2.00 each or 6 for $10. Vogue, Family Circle Easy Knitting,Threads, Knit 'n Style, a few IK and Knitter's, Handwoven, Weaver's. I will eventually get to the yarn and set up a real sale, but until then, feel free to set a time to come look at what is ready.

-- Knitting Journal $5.00
Bliss, Debbie Kids' Country Knits newborn-5 yrs) $7.00
Bliss, Debbie - Nautical Knits for Kids $8.00
Bradley, Sue - Stitches in Time (historically inspired knits) $4.00
Burnett, Sarah - A Passion for Color (sweaters) $5.00
Bush, Nancy - Knitting on the Road (socks) $8.00
Buss, Katharina - Big Book of Knitting $5.00
Cartwright-Jones, Catherine- The Tap-Dancing Lizard (fanciful charts) $8.00
Cornell, Kari, ed- Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales $4.00
Cristoffersson, Britt-Marie- Swedish Sweaters $7.00
Crolius, Kendall- Knitting with Dog Hair $3.00

Dalegarn- Baby patterns Bk. 142 $5.00
Dowd, Jenny- Freeform Knitting and Crochet $8.00
DuBoff, Leonard- The Law (in plain English) for Crafts People $3.00
Epstein, Nicky- The Knit Hat Book $5.00
Falick, Melanie -Knitting in America $8.00
Falick, Melanie Weekend Knitting $10.00
Fassett, Kaffe -Glorious Knits $10.00
Fassett, Kaffe -Glorious Interiors $14.00
Frost, Jean -Jackets $8.00
Galeskas, Beverly -The Magic Loop (sock technique) $4.00
Galeskas, Beverly Felted Knits $8.00
Garland, Claire- Knitted Babes (dolls and wardrobes to knit) $8.00
Garnstudio- Drops Strikkedesign No. 81 $5.00
Gemmell, Liz- Aussie Fair (fair isle patterns) $3.00

Harding, Sally -Cotton Knits (sweaters) $5.00
Herring, Ruth -Knitting Masterpieces (paintings in knit) $5.00
Hiatt/Phelps -Simply Beautiful sweaters for men $12.00
Hiatt/Phelps -Simply Beautiful Sweaters that Fit (Tricoter) $14.00
Hoxbro, Vivian -Domino Knitting $7.00
Interweave Christmas Stockings $6.00
Jackson, Maggie- Home Interiors $5.00
Johnson, Wendy Wendy Knits $5.00
Kagan, Sasha- Big & Little Sweaters $4.00
Kartus, Lisa Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters $12.00
Landman, Sylvia- Crafting for Dollars $4.00
Lavold, Elsebeth- Bk 6: The Take Five collection $6.00
Luters, Ginger- Module Magic $10.00
Lydon, Susan Gordon -The Knitting Sutra $5.00

Mably, Brandon -Brilliant Knits (Kaffe Fassett Studio) $3.50
Manning, Tara Jon- Mindful Knitting $4.00
Manning, Tara Jon- The gift knitter (babies and dogs) $7.00
Meadors, Kay- Bootie Collection $1.00
Mellor, Zoe -Double Knits (baby/toddler) $7.00
Mellor, Zoe 50 Baby Bootees to Knit $10.00
Melville, Sally-- Book 2: Purl Stitch $8.00
Melville, Sally -Book 3: Color $12.00
Messent, Jan -Knit the Christmas story (Manger scene) $4.00
Mon Tricot 1500 Patterns $3.00
Moss, Jean -World Knits $10.00
Myers, Lisa -The Joy of Knitting $4.00
Nicholas, Weiss, others -The Pattern Companion: Knitting $5.00
Paton's Giggle Knits (3 mons-2 yrs) $2.00
Paton's Look at Me! 6 mons-4 yrs $2.00
Paton's A Dog's Life $2.00
Pearl-MacPhee, Stephanie -Yarn Harlot-the secret life of a knitter $4.00
Pearl-MacPhee, Stephanie Knitting Rules! $5.00

Rankin, chris- Gift Knits (70 wearable projects) $5.00
Sharp, Jo --Knitting Bazaar (sweaters) $6.00
Sharp, Jo Knitted Sweater Style $8.00
Sheard, Stephen -Rowan's Summer & Winter Knitting $5.00
Square, Vicki-Folk Bags $10.00
Starmore, Alice Fishermen's Sweaters $9.00
Starmore, Alice & Jade The Children's Collection (fair Isle) $8.00
Steege, Gwen -knit hats! $5.00
Swepson, Ruth -Designer Knits $6.00
Thomas, Mary -Book of Knitting Patterns $3.00
Turner, Sharon Monkeysuits $7.00
Wiseman, Nancie -Knitting with Wire $7.00
XRX Socks, Socks, Socks $7.00
365 Knitting Stitches a Year (perpetual calendar $8.00