Sunday, April 01, 2007

Destashing--The Book List

The Book List

Buyer pays all shipping costs. Email me if you have questions. Lots of magazines for sale at $2.00 each or 6 for $10. Vogue, Family Circle Easy Knitting,Threads, Knit 'n Style, a few IK and Knitter's, Handwoven, Weaver's. I will eventually get to the yarn and set up a real sale, but until then, feel free to set a time to come look at what is ready.

-- Knitting Journal $5.00
Bliss, Debbie Kids' Country Knits newborn-5 yrs) $7.00
Bliss, Debbie - Nautical Knits for Kids $8.00
Bradley, Sue - Stitches in Time (historically inspired knits) $4.00
Burnett, Sarah - A Passion for Color (sweaters) $5.00
Bush, Nancy - Knitting on the Road (socks) $8.00
Buss, Katharina - Big Book of Knitting $5.00
Cartwright-Jones, Catherine- The Tap-Dancing Lizard (fanciful charts) $8.00
Cornell, Kari, ed- Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales $4.00
Cristoffersson, Britt-Marie- Swedish Sweaters $7.00
Crolius, Kendall- Knitting with Dog Hair $3.00

Dalegarn- Baby patterns Bk. 142 $5.00
Dowd, Jenny- Freeform Knitting and Crochet $8.00
DuBoff, Leonard- The Law (in plain English) for Crafts People $3.00
Epstein, Nicky- The Knit Hat Book $5.00
Falick, Melanie -Knitting in America $8.00
Falick, Melanie Weekend Knitting $10.00
Fassett, Kaffe -Glorious Knits $10.00
Fassett, Kaffe -Glorious Interiors $14.00
Frost, Jean -Jackets $8.00
Galeskas, Beverly -The Magic Loop (sock technique) $4.00
Galeskas, Beverly Felted Knits $8.00
Garland, Claire- Knitted Babes (dolls and wardrobes to knit) $8.00
Garnstudio- Drops Strikkedesign No. 81 $5.00
Gemmell, Liz- Aussie Fair (fair isle patterns) $3.00

Harding, Sally -Cotton Knits (sweaters) $5.00
Herring, Ruth -Knitting Masterpieces (paintings in knit) $5.00
Hiatt/Phelps -Simply Beautiful sweaters for men $12.00
Hiatt/Phelps -Simply Beautiful Sweaters that Fit (Tricoter) $14.00
Hoxbro, Vivian -Domino Knitting $7.00
Interweave Christmas Stockings $6.00
Jackson, Maggie- Home Interiors $5.00
Johnson, Wendy Wendy Knits $5.00
Kagan, Sasha- Big & Little Sweaters $4.00
Kartus, Lisa Knit Fix Problem Solving for Knitters $12.00
Landman, Sylvia- Crafting for Dollars $4.00
Lavold, Elsebeth- Bk 6: The Take Five collection $6.00
Luters, Ginger- Module Magic $10.00
Lydon, Susan Gordon -The Knitting Sutra $5.00

Mably, Brandon -Brilliant Knits (Kaffe Fassett Studio) $3.50
Manning, Tara Jon- Mindful Knitting $4.00
Manning, Tara Jon- The gift knitter (babies and dogs) $7.00
Meadors, Kay- Bootie Collection $1.00
Mellor, Zoe -Double Knits (baby/toddler) $7.00
Mellor, Zoe 50 Baby Bootees to Knit $10.00
Melville, Sally-- Book 2: Purl Stitch $8.00
Melville, Sally -Book 3: Color $12.00
Messent, Jan -Knit the Christmas story (Manger scene) $4.00
Mon Tricot 1500 Patterns $3.00
Moss, Jean -World Knits $10.00
Myers, Lisa -The Joy of Knitting $4.00
Nicholas, Weiss, others -The Pattern Companion: Knitting $5.00
Paton's Giggle Knits (3 mons-2 yrs) $2.00
Paton's Look at Me! 6 mons-4 yrs $2.00
Paton's A Dog's Life $2.00
Pearl-MacPhee, Stephanie -Yarn Harlot-the secret life of a knitter $4.00
Pearl-MacPhee, Stephanie Knitting Rules! $5.00

Rankin, chris- Gift Knits (70 wearable projects) $5.00
Sharp, Jo --Knitting Bazaar (sweaters) $6.00
Sharp, Jo Knitted Sweater Style $8.00
Sheard, Stephen -Rowan's Summer & Winter Knitting $5.00
Square, Vicki-Folk Bags $10.00
Starmore, Alice Fishermen's Sweaters $9.00
Starmore, Alice & Jade The Children's Collection (fair Isle) $8.00
Steege, Gwen -knit hats! $5.00
Swepson, Ruth -Designer Knits $6.00
Thomas, Mary -Book of Knitting Patterns $3.00
Turner, Sharon Monkeysuits $7.00
Wiseman, Nancie -Knitting with Wire $7.00
XRX Socks, Socks, Socks $7.00
365 Knitting Stitches a Year (perpetual calendar $8.00


LadyLungDoc said...

I'd like Knitting Rules and Knit Fix. Don't have your email address. Please contact me - "my blogger name" at hotmail.

Tvini said...

Hey, Jane, it's Heather!

XRX Socks, Socks, Socks $7.00

Cartwright-Jones, Catherine- The Tap-Dancing Lizard (fanciful charts) $8.00

DuBoff, Leonard- The Law (in plain English) for Crafts People $3.00

Yes, I'm on the knitting equivalent of a bender! Gimme a holler and we can meet up.

Cruel Britannia said...

I'd love to take "Stitches in Time" off your hands. I've never heard of it before, but my inner history/knitting geek is interested.

(Found you through Tvini's LJ, BTW.)

Cruel Britannia said...

Duh. Email is gallusmag at gmail.

Catherine said...

Hi, found you through Tvini's LJ.

I'd like Galeskas, Beverly -The Magic Loop (sock technique) $4.00 and Melville, Sally -Book 3: Color $12.00 - send GMAIL to ckoeppen to work out the details.