Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brain Waves

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This is me. I've either been at the computer or at the needles for the last week. My brain is fried.

I finally put myself out there by publishing a pattern which I charge for. Now I have the typical writer's fear of what to do next. Lots of ideas just swirling, but I haven't focused yet. I'm running between joy that so many people like Curvaceous to fear the next one will be a disappointment--no, humiliation.

Time to just suck it up and write.

Life at the Charlotte Knitting Guild is getting exciting. The retreat for late February is going to be awesome. And we are very proud to be bringing it in at such an affordable price. (Non-profit is our goal.) The three classes Charlene Schurch will teach are nicely varied and geared to every level.

The lace class will be interesting because she is publishing a book on lace soon. The heel class is suitable for expert sock knitters as well as beginners. If you've never knit a sock, you'll just start your learning process at the heel.

My favorite is the class where we explore using handpaints. I have often bought a gorgeous skein of handpaint, caressed it lovingly, planned the project and, after knitting, found the color less exciting than in the skein. I can't wait to hear her tips on making the most of my special yarns.

Find out all the details about the weekend at

The guild board is also throwing around some ideas for workshops to be taught on the weekends later in the year--2009. We are collecting ideas. I'm pushing Sue Dial to teach how to make her gorgeous shawl pins from clay. Speaking of clay, Cat Babbie might teach some button making. Dyeing is always a fun afternoon. Guess I'm just in the mood to make something. How about some spinning workshops? Maybe the Fiber Guild would like to co-sponsor?

Like I said we have ideas swirling and are looking for more. What would you like to see as a workshop? Do you have a favorite teacher we could bring in?

Can you make a basket? Let me know or just comment on the guild website.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Curvaceous, a scarf

Exhilaration is the only word to describe how I felt last night. I (with some struggle) got my new pattern up in my new Ravelry store (thanks, Turtlegirl76) and in 15 minutes I had sold one to some wonderful human being from France. Mouth open, eyes wide, I went screaming it to tell Steve.

I didn't expect to have the pattern finished until early December, but I am ahead of deadline. Imagine that. It's selling on Ravelry as a download and at Charlotte Yarn in hardcopy. It can be bought in a cumbersome way at jpknits, but Miss Dani will have to hold my hand to set up that efficiently.

I promise to stop talking about this soon. It's just like a new puppy and I feel so good about others liking my work.

For those in town, I will teach a class on this on Nov. 30. Details at Charlotte Yarn or jpknits.

Friday, November 14, 2008

So where have I been

Blame Davey. Well no, blame me some. Mostly me. I bought an iPod. Simple. But then I decided to try to use some of the software that came with my iMac--several years ago. Of course my PC laptop with my beloved Outlook that I can't use because I had to use Palm Desktop is immediately to my right. So basically, I have too many calendars and not enough brains.

Oops. I also have a paper calendar on the frig so Steve will know when I won't be here for dinner.

So when Katherine called earlier this week to say where are you you are two hours late and you promised to work on my computer----all I could say was I forgot. You aren't on any of the calendars--but she was, just not the ones I had checked.

When you keep having a nagging feeling that you are supposed to be someplace, you ARE!

The iPod has some neat games and will search the web in a pinch. As soon as I get my mail fixed, it will be even better. My mail would be set up except I can't remember the combination of username and password to set it up. I only have several of each, but the permutations are overwhelming me.

In the meantime, I have finished a new pattern which will be released Dec. 3rd. It's a reversible cable scarf that I just love. I'm teaching a class on it Nov. 30th at the shop (Charlotte Yarn) of course. Here's a sneak peak . . . If you have read this far, you deserve a look.It will be for sale at Charlotte Yarn and on Ravelry.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lace Scarf Finished

This is the scarf I'm using to teach my Lace Sampler Scarf class Dec. 7th. Above is Fishtale lace that I love.
Another traditional one is this fern lace.
This is a vintage pattern I discovered from Cindy Moore's yahoo group The Art of Knitting.
Faggoting and Beehive--sounds a bit risque.

I've forgotten this one, but I like it and will find out what it is.
Milanese Lace--I love this.

There are several more patterns, but you get the idea. The class is intended to introduce folks to some of these designs and to show how to pick random designs and put them together into your own scarf. There is some math involved, but not much. We'll also talk about edges and edging.

This is perfect work for me because by the time I'm bored it's time to change patterns. Looks stunning. (I'm such a shy and humble person.)

The yarn is Malabrigo Lace; colorway--verdi.
Size 4 needle.
Less than one ball.

I also found a simple but lovely edging in Nancy Bush's new lace book. She also explains a clever way the women of Estonia attach their edgings.