Sunday, November 16, 2008


Curvaceous, a scarf

Exhilaration is the only word to describe how I felt last night. I (with some struggle) got my new pattern up in my new Ravelry store (thanks, Turtlegirl76) and in 15 minutes I had sold one to some wonderful human being from France. Mouth open, eyes wide, I went screaming it to tell Steve.

I didn't expect to have the pattern finished until early December, but I am ahead of deadline. Imagine that. It's selling on Ravelry as a download and at Charlotte Yarn in hardcopy. It can be bought in a cumbersome way at jpknits, but Miss Dani will have to hold my hand to set up that efficiently.

I promise to stop talking about this soon. It's just like a new puppy and I feel so good about others liking my work.

For those in town, I will teach a class on this on Nov. 30. Details at Charlotte Yarn or jpknits.


turtlegirl76 said...

YAY! It's about damn time! It's so pretty! I'm so happy you're finally selling!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jane! As a tester for your pattern (thanks for the confidence in my abilities to do that), I love this pattern and plan to make another one for me!


lamurray said...

You know this is trés chic!

I am planning another one already! Wonderful Job!

Love ya!