Friday, March 30, 2007

What was she thinking?

Melissa Mathay did the Little Box of Sweaters which was all very classic designs. She has a new book coming out and What Was She Thinking?

I saw a program selection in TKGA's Cast Off mag that was built on a similar question and that is our program for Tuesday night. I have boxes of knitting that I did over the years. Some of it isn't the best quality because I was learning, but some is just plain ugly. I have lived through decades of fashion--go-go boots, paper dresses, every style of blue jean imaginable--but that's no excuse for some of the things I tried.

Well, I always say I learn more from failure than from success. I must be really smart.

I finished teaching my first beginner class in years last night. Six wonderful women who have started this journey and will continue it I believe. They seemed to have fun and be eager. Most bought some yarns to make some scarves or towels to practice their new skills. I love to see new knitters when they begin to believe they will really be able to do this. Invited them all to guild and hope they will come.

My April beginners class is half full, so maybe there are still some folks out there who want to learn. Maybe we can start another knitting boom.

OTN, the Stitch Diva sweater which needs sleeves, a lace shawlette which has a knitted on lace border (I much prefer to knit that border as I go; something I discovered with this pattern.) and yet another new sock design. This one uses an Estonia button stitch. I'm getting more interested in Estonian knitting. I've taken classes from both Merike Saarnit and Nancy Bush, so this is a belated effect of that.

Still some good books for sale and gobs of good magazines.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Classes for April and May

Beginning Knitting Tues. April 10 – 24; 6-7:30 pm $45
Instructor: Jane Prater
For the brand new knitter. Contact Jane if you are left handed.

Beyond Beginners Tues. May 8, 15, and 22; 6 -7:30 pm $45
Instructor: Jane Prater
If you have been knitting a year of more and want to increase your skills, then this is the class for you. By now you have questions and are ready for more interesting patterns. Those questions form the basis of this class.

Saturday classes:

Fair Isle Workshop April 14; 10:30am – 3:30 pm $65
Instructor: Jane Prater
For intermediate knitters. We will learn to strand, knit backwards, plan colors and start a sampler of patterns—bag or pillow—your choice.

Cables Workshop May 5: 10am – 12pm $25
Instructor: Jane Prater
Learn to knit some basic cabels and to read those funny looking charts.

Continental Knitting May 5: 1-3pm $25
Instructor: Jane Prater
Throw the yarn with your left hand and a new world of knitting will open. Faster and easier patterned stitches. Two handed color knitting will be easy.

Entrelac Workshop May 19; 10:30am – 3:30 pm $65
Instructor: Jane Prater
Learn the basics of entrelac; learn to knit backwards to make it easier; plan and begin your first project.

Email me ( if you have questions.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Reason to Knit

Fit is one reason I knit.

But I guess that doesn’t apply to everyone.

Just a thought.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sock yarn; new stuff at home

It's not Friday, but that is Turtlegirl76's yarn pr0n day. This yarn is sort of her yarn since she made us all aware of it and negotiated a discount for her blog readers. Anyway this is Printed Circuit Board from Yarn Nerd. The yarn is named 900MHz; 100% superwash merino; 420 yards. The best thing about this yarn is the spin. His base yarn is crisp and yet still soft. It's a pleasure to knit.

I am using this yarn for yet another original sock design. I like this one very much. It uses an Estonian stitch that I discovered in an old afghan pattern by Nancy Bush. More later.

Underneath that yarn is my beautiful new floor. The owner who built this floor used yellow pine and then stained it dark, almost walnut. I had selected a slightly lighter stain. When we saw this sanded result, we quickly put a pale golden oak on it. It is rustic but beautiful. Almost beach-like. What a nice surprise.

Bye, bye Basement!!!

My new laundry closet is finished and the appliances are here. So far, I love them. I've washed everything I own. I am now going door to door in the neighborhood asking for extra laundry to do. The washer's handwash setting is perfect for all my handknit sweaters--even wool. Piper washed her cashmere sweater in her washer which is the big brother of mine and it worked beautifully.

My red cotton version of this Stitch Diva pattern is underway. I can't knit it as fast as I would like because my hands are aching a bit and cotton is hard on that. I do like the way they have written the pattern. It is clear and has little helps as you go. I also appreciate that the pattern is in a wide range of sizes. I'm using DK weight instead of worsted and so am knitting a larger size. That is always tricky, but because it is top down, I can try it on a bunch and make corrections as needed. My version won't be quite as young and hip as the picture, but I am looking forward to wearing it.