Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SAFF weekend

Isn't he beautiful? I only saw the llamas, but this big boy had me mesmerized. Limpid pools, etc.

I attended with the SSKs--here is the amazing Shelley. Pat and Jean Marie disappeared.

I ran into Super Blogger--Turtlegirl76--also known as Cristi.

She had met up with Rachel and May for lunch.

Based on all the stories across the picnic table, alcohol was consumed and money was spent. Another successful SAFF.

Oh, you want to see what I bought? Tune in tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Marking time

I'm just working away, a few rows at a time, on my clapotis. I'm using finer yarn and am making it longer. I'm trying not to start any new work until after my hand surgery Nov. 19. It may just be mental, but both wrists seem inflamed and both elbows hurt. Bummer, big time.

I'm heading for
SAFF in just a few minutes. I promise to only buy stuff I simply must, must have. Well, you know how that goes!!! Stay tuned for pics.

Lots of bloggers from the SE and Ravelry folks plan a meet up at the Blue Barn. Hope to get some fun pics there, too.

Hope to use the rehab time to post another sock pattern and to design. Nurse friend told me yesterday that everyone she knew who had had carpel tunnel surgery had done great and was much improved. It's her voice I'm holding onto.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Wonders of Flickr

Check this out.
So I discovered that flickr isn't just a place to store photos for my blog. Groups? Does everything have groups now? Okay, I joined three.

I discovered the picture above in an area called World Culture. Reminded me of the famous National Geo cover. I love the hat.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Weekend, Another Farm

We had a fantastic visit with DD#1 and family this weekend. One of the activities was a visit to a farm to play and buy pumpkins. Talk about a small farmer making do with what he's got...Washington Farms probably makes enough in October to keep the family going the rest of the year. What with drought and taxes, more power to them.

We made silly pictures,

shot corn at college logos of UGA enemies,

flung pumpkins at a bullseye in the middle of a pond,

bought pumpkins,

and watched pig races.

Not much knitting--I had the nerve tests in my wrists and both wrists failed significantly. I'll be seeing my orthopedic surgeon Thursday, probably to schedule surgery. Bummer.

Jake has heartworms, so we are doing that treatment as well. He has to stay very quiet for six weeks. And just how do I do that!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Secret of the Chrysopolis

I think I'm becoming a Secret-ho. I'm trying to knit two new ones and still haven't blocked the Mystery Stole #3. I haven't started the Secret of the Stole yet because my beads are on order. But I have been working on the Chrysopolis.

There are issues. First, I didn't have enough of the Mysti Alpaca Lace that I wanted to use. I ordered more thinking I could work with the dye lot difference. Well, 948 dye lots later the color isn't even close. Can't intertwine rows unless I want a striped lace shawl. But I was over halfway through the first clue. Fine. I'll just use the stuff and dye the whole stole after I finish.

But will I ever finish? This is taking me a long time. I can't find a way to mark the rows so I just repeat a small pattern many times across. I mean I am having to pay close attention on every RS row. We're talking lots of markers; highlighter, sticky notes, and magnet row markers on the chart. The click that allows me to knit by looking at what I knit before just hasn't happened.

It's lovely and huge! I know I will love it, but I won't be wearing it anytime soon. Second clue is posted and I still haven't finished the first. I knit 2-4 rows and then take a break. Am I the only one finding this slow going?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Finished Top Down Raglan

I fell in love with the hand of this really inexpensive cotton linen blend from So I knit my Not a Sweatshirt sweater which I plan to wear as if it really is a sweatshirt. Steve took the photos--had trouble taking pics of the sweater, not me--and now to share the process.

All based on the Barbara Walker book Knitting from the Top Down. I planned it as a cardigan with a zip front. So much for plans. I used the ribbing to shape it and prevent lots of extra fabric--it's just so easy to do it this way. When I finished, I really didn't like the way the fronts hung when it was worn open. I threw some single crochet around the front edges and neck and then just joined them with single crochet finished with crab stitch. The whole process was just as loose and casual as this sounds and I think the sweater will wear with that attitude.

The V neck isn't low enough--It was for a cardigan, but not for what we became. I'm unhappy with the rate of increase along the armscye seams. This wasn't even something I thought about. Now that I have knit two raglans, I will fiddle with this on the next one. It still hasn't been blocked and I suspect it will soften even more when it has. All in all, I'm pleased with it. It was a low stress learning piece.

Yarn: Adara (87.5% mercerized cotton / 12.5% linen)
Weight: 50g = 85 m (93 yds)
Gauge: 18 sts = 4 inches
Needles: US7

Socks for Lanny
Chrysopolis shawl
Charity baby blanket