Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Weekend, Another Farm

We had a fantastic visit with DD#1 and family this weekend. One of the activities was a visit to a farm to play and buy pumpkins. Talk about a small farmer making do with what he's got...Washington Farms probably makes enough in October to keep the family going the rest of the year. What with drought and taxes, more power to them.

We made silly pictures,

shot corn at college logos of UGA enemies,

flung pumpkins at a bullseye in the middle of a pond,

bought pumpkins,

and watched pig races.

Not much knitting--I had the nerve tests in my wrists and both wrists failed significantly. I'll be seeing my orthopedic surgeon Thursday, probably to schedule surgery. Bummer.

Jake has heartworms, so we are doing that treatment as well. He has to stay very quiet for six weeks. And just how do I do that!


Anonymous said...

You and Jake are in my thoughts!
Debra Davis

turtlegirl76 said...

I'm so sorry that Jake is sick. =( But I don't understand why keeping him quiet is helpful?
Looks like you had a good weekend. =)