Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reading Wendy Knits

How did I not know that Wendy Johnson had written a book? Senility!! Anyway, I bought it while in Athens this weekend and am enjoying her knitting journey. I've been looking at her work for years, especially her fair isle sweaters which I discovered throught the Knitting Beyond the Hebrides group website. Lovely book from a nice and talented woman.

My Four Corners shawl? in Touch Me is coming along. I had to use a #7 needle instead of the #10 called for in order to get gauge. I think I will have to use a 6th ball. At $14.95 per, that is not good news. I have denied myself this piece for years, but decided to make it as a Sewing Bird swan song. The darn thing better look reasonably good on me or there will be some dead chenilles around here.

Also on the needles is a Maggi's Linen jacket that I am designing as I go, a Trendsetter butterfly coat made from cheap Turkish railroad yarn instead of Binario, and a modified Market Bag as a result of teaching an entrelac class recently.

New Yarn Harlot and the Mason-Dixon book are due tomorrow. Lots to read while I knit and plan some color techniques to teach after the May knitting with fabric class.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Life changes

The Sewing Bird is closing, so I must re-think how I will spend my retirement. Laughter is important. Knitting is also important. The friends I have made, students or staff, must be kept and I am so bad about that. What to do.

I no longer want to be the next Sally Melville or Valentina Devine. I do want to be able to spend time with designers and master knitters. Lord, I hope there isn't substitute teaching in my future.

If I can continue to learn and make things, I will be a happy woman.

Will we start a new business? Retreats? Creativity workshops? Whatever.

Age has taught me to like women, to enjoy their friendship. Most of my life I've been happier talking to guys. No longer. Interesting. Is it the lack of competition of the crone years? Well, it's a nice place to be.