Sunday, April 23, 2006

Reading Wendy Knits

How did I not know that Wendy Johnson had written a book? Senility!! Anyway, I bought it while in Athens this weekend and am enjoying her knitting journey. I've been looking at her work for years, especially her fair isle sweaters which I discovered throught the Knitting Beyond the Hebrides group website. Lovely book from a nice and talented woman.

My Four Corners shawl? in Touch Me is coming along. I had to use a #7 needle instead of the #10 called for in order to get gauge. I think I will have to use a 6th ball. At $14.95 per, that is not good news. I have denied myself this piece for years, but decided to make it as a Sewing Bird swan song. The darn thing better look reasonably good on me or there will be some dead chenilles around here.

Also on the needles is a Maggi's Linen jacket that I am designing as I go, a Trendsetter butterfly coat made from cheap Turkish railroad yarn instead of Binario, and a modified Market Bag as a result of teaching an entrelac class recently.

New Yarn Harlot and the Mason-Dixon book are due tomorrow. Lots to read while I knit and plan some color techniques to teach after the May knitting with fabric class.

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