Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cat Bordhi review

Remodeling again and it's wasted me. This time I'm having the downstairs bath enlarged so we can use it as more than a powder room. 1940's baths were tiny.

Steve and I finally painted the living room so the new sofa has a nice home. It was hard work, especially repairing the plaster. So many years since we had tackled such a project together and I quite enjoyed it.

Knitting news! Cat Bordhi's new sock book.

I enjoy Cat Bordhi's mind. I knit the two tutorial socks and I have reservations about both. You toe-up sock knitters have yet to convince me. I knit one from Cat's Sock that Soar, but it doesn't fit well enough. Tossed it on the frog pond.

Decided to work on my two socks on two circs or on Magic Loop. Annoyed by 2 balls of yarn at the same time, but stuck with it. Now I have discovered my own technique to handle the yarn and am racing through two pair.
1. Brigit-- in CTH, a pattern I found online and tweaked with twisted stitches

2. "Veil of Leaves" from the new Bordhi book in Brown Sheep Cotton Fine

The new Bordhi book has the best explanation/instruction of lifted increases and short row wraps I have ever read--and I have read many, many, many. The diagrams and schematics are terrific--well drawn and easy to understand.

Heels are a different story. I like my sturdy Dutch heels or standard turned heels. Short row heels seem insubstantial compared to them and don't ever fit as well. I've about finished the lace pair and am not happy with the heel. I want to knit a gorgeous two color design called Clematis Vine, but I have to figure out how to knit it top down and with my own heel. Well, I can do that.

Got my invite to Ravelry; no time yet to put anything up. Pics and new patterns soon.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Birthday wishes to my blogging mentor

I keep seeing this Rockin’ Girl Blogger award on some of the sites I read. Finally I traced it to its beginning here Now the only rockin’ I’ve done recently was
at the Charlotte airport before a flight to knitting camp, but I cannot believe no one has nominated Turtlegirl76. Therefore, in accordance with the rules set forth on Roberta's website, I hereby nominate Turtlegirl76 – on her birthday—for this illustrious position.

My reasons are:
1. Energetic (and sometimes profane) writing
2. Photographic excellence that even captures the softness
3. Steadfast dependability of posting
4. Great generosity of time and talent

She gets a button for her blog. Well, it’s not as if the birthday ended in a 0 or a 5. Small presents count. If you haven’t read her blog, go there---after you finish this. See Favorite Links.