Friday, October 26, 2007

Marking time

I'm just working away, a few rows at a time, on my clapotis. I'm using finer yarn and am making it longer. I'm trying not to start any new work until after my hand surgery Nov. 19. It may just be mental, but both wrists seem inflamed and both elbows hurt. Bummer, big time.

I'm heading for
SAFF in just a few minutes. I promise to only buy stuff I simply must, must have. Well, you know how that goes!!! Stay tuned for pics.

Lots of bloggers from the SE and Ravelry folks plan a meet up at the Blue Barn. Hope to get some fun pics there, too.

Hope to use the rehab time to post another sock pattern and to design. Nurse friend told me yesterday that everyone she knew who had had carpel tunnel surgery had done great and was much improved. It's her voice I'm holding onto.

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