Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finished Projects

Precious Pal for the Guild Service Project involved a fair isle vest complete with steeks. The pattern is heavily based on Onslow's Vest
by Katherine Misegades. This is a good resource for anyone wanting to try some fair isle and cut some steeks.
Katherine shares the A Time to Knit site with fellow designer Jolene Treace who has some fantastic cabled sweater patterns. Jolene is a chat group friend and really does fine work. Check out the entire site.

From Victorian Lace . . .

I used a yarn from KnitPicks--Shimmer--70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk --$5.49 /50 gm hank and a size 6 needle. The color is Stained Glass. I truly loved working with the yarn. I like the twist and the feel of the yarn. Like other lace patterns, handpaint makes it harder to see therefore a bit slower to knit. Worth it though. See the detail below. I'm in love with this lace. More lace yarns in stash so more lace projects to come.
I didn't notice the small pooling of the turquoise until I had knitted way past it, so it just is. Life's too short to go back.

Below is the newest free sock pattern on the site--see side column. this one used SWTC Tofuties yarn. I have several others to post once I get them written. I've decided I don't like submitting patterns to magazines, etc., because you can't talk about them or share them with friends. I won't get rich selling patterns, so it is more fun to just give them away. Watch for more patterns and email me if you have problems.

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