Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Catching up/What Were They Thinking?

I haven’t blogged in so long. I always feel I must have a knitting picture for the blog and I don’t at the moment. The above will have to do.

I have finished my Stitch Diva sweater and some socks; I have another sweater to finish and, of course, more socks. I also hope to have two more sock patterns up on the blog very soon. Waiting for the pictures.

The Sewing Bird Staff went to the beach again and had a blast. We actually knitted a bit. Mostly ate and drank beverages. The weather was too cool for swimming, but we didn’t care. The porch was lovely and the laughter was riotous.

I’ve bought some new furniture for the living room and that has been exciting. The new color scheme is blue and white; never done blue before, so new afghans and pillows must be knit.

The new screened porch is being painted as I type. I look forward to knitting and spinning out there soon.

One more class in the Spring series---Entrelac---next Saturday at Charlotte Yarn. Summer schedule is coming soon. It will be a huge shock, especially for Pat Moore and Harriet Overcash. Some “word eating” in my future.

Thanks to everyone who bought books from me. There are still some more on the list. I really hate passing along knitting stuff to non-knitters. My stash is in my will.

I do have a What Were They Thinking? picture for you. All of my students have heard me talk about the odds of an error, new yarn join, or bobble ending up in an embarrassing place. These folks didn’t hear.

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