Monday, May 21, 2007

It's a porch!!!/Socks and yarn.

The porch is finished and so far there is always a breeze across it. We’ve abandoned all the other rooms in the house for this one. I’ve moved the old leather couch out there with some other random chairs. I want to spend a season with it before I decide exactly how to furnish it. The new gutters are also up and I want to see what happens when we get a big rain.

The SSKs (Serious Secret Knitters) came over Sunday and we sat out there and knitted and talked—lots of talk. It was lovely. Both dogs really like it. Henry still cannot hear, so the smell factor has really become important. He may injure his sniffer at the rate he is going.

My hands are better but I cannot knit anywhere near the amount I’d like. It’s very frustrating. So many new yarns and so many new ideas. Yarns Forever in Greer, SC is closing and are offering 50% off this week. (Email me for the code.) I bought some sock yarn and a cotton silk blend to do either a throw for the new living room or a sweater for Steve. Depends on the exact shade of blue. Monitors lie!

I finished the first pair of socks on two circs in many years. Getting ready to teach it. They will go to a friendly male of my acquaintance. The yarn is Tiny Toes by Interlacements and I knit them on Size 1s. The pattern is mine—such as it is. I used a tubular cast on for the cuff, a 4X1 rib, and double moss st for the heel flap.

My next design is on the needles and has turned into a complex nightmare. It may have something to do with fitting very short legs with large calves. It has a braid cast on and the entrelac is decreased all the way down. The cuff started at 80sts and at the ankle is only 40. But it fits. Pattern up when I get it worked out reasonably.

The entrelac socks are using Ms. Babs sock yarn, size 0 and 1 needles. The foot will be simple as will the heel and toe. At least I think so. Only done the cuff so far.

I’ve purchased lots of sock yarn lately. Shelley went to Seattle and visited Tricoter. A mind-blowing experience. They designed a sweater for her to her measurements and gauge on the spot!! Another shop served tea and scones. She’s still reeling. Anyway she brought me back my first Socks that Rock and my first Fleece Artist.

At the beach I bought the Ms. Babs for the entrelac and another skein below. I would have had some Colinette Jitterbug, but I hesitated and Beth Sicilia jumped on it.

Found a deal on Euroflax Opal on ebay and bought some colors to take with me to Colorado Knitting Camp in July. We’re doing fair isle there. Have lots of other colors to mix with them.

My latest takealong project is a hand towel. I’m using this gorgeous chocolate Hempathy from Elsebeth Lavold. Just did a few inches of Feather and Fan and then it’s all seed stitch with a chain selvedge. My linen one is at Charlotte Yarn on display. I’ve really loved it and it holds up well in the wash. These would make a great gift with some bubble bath or hand made soap.


turtlegirl76 said...

I finally formulated a plan to teach a sock class as well. Toe-up on 2 circs 2 ways. (2 different toes) I'm excited, but a bit nervous. Ah well. I just have to try it right?

I like the hemp hand towel. Though miles of seed stitch makes my skin crawl just thinking about it, the finished result is absolutely stunning. It'll be beautiful at the end.

Anonymous said...

I printed the directions...
Road Trip Saturday to the yarn sale