Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To be or not to be?????

ARGHHHHHHHHHH! This house thing has me just stunned--gobsmacked as the Brits say. DH thinks we can build a new house for X dollars. Wonderful architect comes and says 3X dollars. Dear friend who is realtor says 3X dollars. Jane says Whoa!

So, Plan M. M may be for moisture. The guy comes tomorrow to check for mold and moisture damage---and he will find it. DH says is won't cost much to fix. I've lost faith in DH's ability in this area. The guy is a creative genius of engineering, aviation, cycling, F1 racing and Shakespeare. He don't know nuthin' about buildin' houses.

I've decided to fix this one up as I would to sell it, but then not. I'm going to put my laundry upstairs somewhere and then just be happy. It's as simple as that.

Once that decision was made, I could knit again. In fact, patterns are jumping up all over in my brain. I have several sock patterns in mind and some wristlets. I made Jake a sweater (See opening photo) since he has been groomed and no longer has his Wookie-hair to keep him warm. Last walk Henry peed on Jake's head, so I guess a hat is next for him.

I've knit 10 mini-sweaters and two mini-socks for my Christmas tree. Pictures are on the guild's blog. I really enjoyed teaching the program. The socks are just plain old 24 st socks and work up quickly. Use your leftover yarn.


Rachel Eldridge said...


I can totally emphathize. Having put most of my creative energy and brain cells into my condo renovation has really taken the punch out of my knitting the last few months.

With renovation projects, it is easy to dream big and become a perfectionist but it is then so easy to be disappointed. Keep it simple and accept that it's going to cost you.

turtlegirl76 said...

*snerk* "Last walk Henry peed on Jake's head, so I guess a hat is next for him."

God I wish I could have seen that.

So, when are you going to write up that sock pattern we discussed so I can test knit it, eh?