Tuesday, December 05, 2006

JDP, Knitter and Contractor

Holidays are coming. The local paper had a big article about the Darren McGaven movie "The Christmas Story." It's a big fave in my family. We watch it every year. The first year DGS#1 was around, we watched it and then I gave DD#1 a package to open. It was a rabbit suit just like the pajamas in the movie. It was an old Lion Brand Kit, but the point was to laugh not to impress. He wore it for Halloween for two years. This year DGS#2 wore it. I do have a picture of that to share.

Someday he'll hate me for this.

Where have I been? Well, I just don't think I can write if I don't have pictures and I always forget to take them. I've been working on some patterns that I may submit somewhere and can't post pictures yet, so that makes me even more reluctant to blog.

Enough excuses. Pass me my toolbelt--the one with the screwdrivers. I have been spending time with moisture control guys and heating specialists as I get ready to fix up the house. I'm also watching every home show on TV. This takes time, but can be done while knitting. I want my very own nailgun. What power! Want a bookcase? Just simple measurements and straight cuts and then KAPOW, KAPOW, KAPOW with the nailgun and it's done. It's all about the tools.

I only have a drill. I use it to wind bobbins for weaving. Oh how sadly underexposed I've been to the world of power tools. No more. Stay tuned for adventures.

I'm playing with my class schedule for next year. I'm planning a Mosaic Knitting class where the students get started on a bag I've designed. It's been fun to try new patterns and plan the sequence for the class. I also want to do mistake class; of course, most of that is really a planning not to make mistakes class. Other topics under consideration include couture cast-ons, knit to fit workshops, another lace shawl, knitting with handdyes. Of course I'll offer my favorite Beyond Beginners and maybe even a Beyond Beyond. I think skill/technique classes are the best to teach. People are so often shocked at how creative they really are.

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