Friday, December 15, 2006

When in doubt, LISTEN!

There they were--two skeins of Lorna's Laces Vera. Stunning. Gorgeous. The fuschia popped and the green, brown and pale whatever were a solid foundation. Great socks were just ahead.

I cast on and did a very flat 4X1 rib. I knit both cuffs, both heels, half a foot on each and just could stand it no longer. They just lay there in my lap--no life, no pop, no fun. I felt I had killed a beautiful colorway. Why hadn't I suspected stockinette was death to this yarn?

I frogged.

Then I swatched!!! Entrelac was attractive, but too complicated for the moment. Also too many entrelac patterns floating around in cyberspace. I wanted something a bit more mindless and new. I needed a solid to pop this yarn. Apple green--well, I have been fixated on the chartreuse/apple green section of the color wheel. I knit a small swatch.

Small swatches lie!!

I knit both cuffs, both heels, half a foot on each and just could stand it no longer. They were ugly--no, they were butt-ugly. I knew they were this ugly four inches into the first sock, but I hoped the pattern would grow on me. Well, it did resemble lichen in a certain light. I couldn't gift these ugly socks, not even to an enemy; I couldn't offer them as a pattern, not even a free one; I couldn't even keep them to wear because I don't wear UGLY socks.

Plan C. First we frog, gently this time. While knitting the ugly ones, I would sometimes goof and leave out the second row of green. I had to correct this several times. Subconscience calling????? I actually liked the error. At least I think I did. What to do--knit this new pattern until I have two almost finished socks and then decide -- OR -- knit a big swatch, wrap it around my leg and check it out. Naw-w-w-w. Compromise; knit the first cuff and look at it for a few days before committing.

Then either I knit the socks or burn the yarn. Stay tuned.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh. You aren't kidding. Those did turn out butt ugly. Yeesh. What about a simple feather and fan?

Tvini said...

Seconded. The Ugly of the Butt.