Thursday, April 09, 2009

New Stuff

Charlotte Knitting Guild, April meeting. This is what we learned to make. They are so cute. I went to Michaels today and bought more Shrinky Dink stuff, in bright white. I'm going to make some markers to help in counting cast on stitches. Watching melted plastic curl and transform into these baby things is incredible fun. Heat guns give you a sense of power.
Blame Cristi; she loaned me one at the shop and I succombed.
These are to hold me over until I can create a colored knitware piece in bright colors. I love the sheep. From Office Depot.
Thank Dani and the big guy for this. They took me by the hand and designed it. I only had to pay for it. I'm only slightly frustrated as I learn a new operating system. Vista puts things in some weird places.



turtlegirl76 said...

Vista takes some getting used to, but you'll be fine. I like it now. And yay for Harmonies! Don't you just love them?

Davey said...

OMG!!!!! A DELL? WHAT???? WHY???????? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR (says the Mac guy....)