Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My role model for life

Today is Aunt Nene's birthday. Yes, that sexy baby is Baby Jane? Whatever happened . . . never mind.

Aunt Nene loved me totally selflessly. No strings attached, no demands--just love. She loved me enough to send me off on my own life journey without guilt for not visiting her instead of going west to ski. Absolutely no strings and when we met up again, it was always as if no time had passed.

I am more her child than anyone else's. She taught me the important things in life:

  • women should be athletes
  • never throw a card game just because your opponent is a child
  • crossword puzzles are your friends
  • mystery stories are the best, especially the Perry Mason series
  • never talk down to children--they are people, too.
  • nuture those you love and anyone else that needs it
  • dogs are family
  • be adventuresome--paint the bedroom aubergine and add some rum to that cake
  • root for the NY Giants, later the Atlanta Braves
  • Read, read, read, read, read.
  • Late in the day, sit down with a cup of tea (Lipton's with lemon), observe the world outside, and just quietly think.
That cup of tea moment was the subject of my first published poem. I can still see it as if I were peeping in the window of the kitchen.

Each moment I spend with my grandsons, I try to channel Aunt Nene. If I can be to them a tenth of what this lady was to me, I will have done good.

I hope someone has loved you this way.

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Debra Davis said...

That is a lovely tribute to your aunt!