Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Always planning something

Of course I'm right! If you can't imagine a project for it, move it out. It's not like you can't or won't buy more yarn, cloth, fiber, etc.

DD2 returned from vacation and caught up on my blog. (I love that she reads it.) The above was her response to the post about my studio/junk pile. I love her spunk, but I also love her wise self. "If you can't imagine a project for it" Those are some serious guiding words.

I may need to add "that you would really love." I'm pretty imaginative, but, let's face it, life is finite; and they keep making wonderful new yarns. I'm going to set aside a morning and give it a try. I can always find a knitter who will take in orphan yarn.

So why a picture of my Esther socks? I just love them. Also I have fallen victim to the words of turtlegirl76 and am ready to reopen my copy of Cat Bordhi's book.

Cristi came for dinner last night and brought beautiful socks and sat me down and measured my foot for the Riverbed method of sock shaping. Lord, that girl is convincing. And she knows her socks. Just like one of my own daughters, she reminded me again of my love of adventure in knitting----I'm picking out the yarn today.

Tomorrow night I start a new sock class and, as is always my favorite part of teaching, I will learn something new myself.

Speaking of learning to knit socks. When you first learned or if you were to learn, would you care which technique was taught---dpns, 2 circs, magic loop? This came up in a discussion with my fearless LYS owner, and I'm just curious.

Are you on the Charlotte Yarn mailing list? The announcement came today that Wendy Johnson is teaching and signing her new book at Charlotte Yarn the weekend of June 6 and 7. There are still some spaces in the class and it is very reasonably priced. Remi is bringing Wendy down as a treat to her customers and Fiber Fans. Don't miss out if you are in the area. You can pre-order a book at Charlotte Yarn if you wish.

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Debra said...

I learned on double points...then learned two circulars and finally Magic Loop which I love!!!!
Those socks are beautiful..