Monday, April 27, 2009

Stitches South

So this was supposed to be a tasteful report on the weekend with pics for those who could not be there. I'd like to blame the lack of photos on the fact that I think I left my camera cable in the hotel, but the truth is I only took a few pictures. Too excited to think. Anyway, here's a brief, photoless, report which I wrote Friday night.

We’re here. Quickly saw Karen (akabini) for a brief hug while her workshop was taking a break. Hope to talk more tomorrow. Steve unloaded the bike and toured the neighborhood.

The hotel is lovely and we have a huge room. I dumped some stuff, checked in at registration and headed for the market. Not many people hanging out. Of course classes were going on when we arrived, but still seemed smaller than I expected. Same with the market.

Stephani Quattrini has a booth. Briefly talked with her and hubby Marc. Hope to have a drink later and here some stories. She’s led a really interesting life and has a bunch to tell. They lived in Tahiti for ten years, then New Zealand, and now northern Mecklenburg. Doesn’t really have a ring to it, does it.

Also spoke with Judy Ditmore of Interlacements for Colorado Springs. She helped teach my first Colorado Knitting Camp in the 90’s. Of course, it was about color. Love her yarns.

Talked with some nice folks from the North Georgia Knitting Guild. They have only been in operation a bit over a year, but seem to have their act together. I picked up a brochure and a needle guide that they use to advertise themselves to other knitters.

Ellen of Ellen’s Half Pint Farm in Vermont is here. I’ve bought from her for years and I love her colorways. I bought two lovely skeins of sock yarn (Yes, Meghan, more sock yarn) and some markers to use for my OTN Cat Bordhi socks.

Candace Eisner Strick spent some time advising me about my knitting workshops and cheering me on. I feel really good about her sweet comments and will put them to use. Her yarn company (Merging Colors) has a new colorway which sounds like me. I’ll search it out when I get online.

Speaking of online. Why is it that the fancier, more pricey hotels nickel and dime you to death. We noticed this when we stayed at the fancy Fairmont hotels in Canada. At the Hampton Inn or Best Western, you get free parking, reasonably priced vending machines, and free internet. Here at the Renaissance Waverly the parking is free, but a Coke costs $2.00 and internet is $14.95 a day. That’s why you are not getting this the day I am typing it. Breakfast? I’ll be at the Starbucks.

Jane Godshall stopped by while I was talking to Candace and we talked a bit. She told Harriet I was here and Harriet joined us for drinks and dinner. She told Stephen stories and updated us about her daughter and her BFF Michael torturing her on Facebook. The woman is a stitch. Friends will be glad to know that no one got “to’e up.”

Haven’t caught up with Gay yet. I’ll hang some with her tomorrow while Steve rides the Silver Comet Trail. I’ll also attend the market again, but I doubt I’ll be buying anymore yarn. I will be looking at books.

Charlotte Knitters arrive on the bus about 11 tomorrow; more friends to play with.


akabini said...

It was such fun to see you, if too brief! And good to see Steve, too, on his way to the trail...
Sorry it was so brief, phooey.

Jet LeBlanc said...

You ain't kidding about the hotels. I stayed at the Ritz in San Francisco (not my choice, the company conference was there). Parking - $50, Internet - $30, Coke - $4.50. Cereal and milk form room service - $18.00!!!!!

Crazy. But the most comfortable hotel bed I've ever slept in. I'll give them that.