Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Challenges

Remi has thrown yarn at me again. Make something out of this! I was skeptical, but I swatched. The flat ribbon is great, but I always like knitting with flat ribbon. The Gedifra Mexican with all the "platelets" in it was definitely different.

Tried it, loved it.

I think this is a shrug--never make a decision until you have to, my motto. It has a big triangle (isosceles) for the back and then I just picked up and knit straight from the side. Caveat: I do not yet know if this works. Just wait and let me make the errors and I'll pass it along to you ----IF it works.

New Shrinky Dink markers to assist when casting on a bezillion sts. Plastic is Brite White from Michaels. Six big pages for under $5. Also includes instructions. Jump rings available there, too.
If you don't know how to do the jump rings, buy yours at Beadlush in Charlotte and they will help you. Beware. Beadlush is a feast for your eyes.

New blog I discovered today. A must read. Craft Fail
It's by many people who post their craft failures. This sweater failure seems so familiar.

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Holly Goes Lightly said...

Jane -- Loved your class last night. Hope you don't mind, but I blogged & linked!


Thank you!!