Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A sock pattern that everyone has written

This is my latest sock pattern. I used a Faux Baby Cable and extended it down onto the heel flap. I really liked it and looked forward to sharing it. Then it started. I would net surf on blogs or pattern sites and Voila! There was my pattern. Different name, yarn, designer, but still my pattern (except for the heel). One or two that I saw were for sale. Shucks.
I still love mine. The cuffs came out well and Steve loves the way they fit him. They hug his dainty ankles. :)
I did some linen stitch on the arch area of the foot for another hug.
The cables should strengthen the heel flap.

Star toe is becoming a standard for me.

Yarn is Misty Mountain Farm Blue Ridge Jubilee in colorway Waterfall. Bought it at Charlotte Yarn. Steve selected this skein for himself and I love the greys. Size one needles 60 sts.

I'll eventually get the pattern up on, but just look around--this pattern is everywhere.


Debra said...

handsome pair of socks

turtlegirl76 said...

The stitch pattern on the cuff may be common but the elements of you sprinkled throughout certainly are not. Love the linen stitch detail especially. Very clever.