Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is a new book by Sasha Kagan. It's beautiful and filled with pretty designs--squares, motifs, flowers. etc.
I've been playing. (Book available through Charlotte libraries.)
Unblocked and made from leftover sock yarn, it's a thing. Actually it's a square with a pineapple stitch design. Stretched over a solid, contrasting color pillow, it should make a neat embellishment. Here's a closeup.
If you don't crochet, consider learning. As a knitter, I turn to my crochet hook for lots of quick help. Cast ons, bind offs, seam reinforcements, and great edgings are really easy.

Diamond Patch sweater has a neckline and one sleeve. I hope to finish it early this week. Central Park Hoodie, er, Vest is still in a bag. Lacy socks just need one foot and toe. Still working on the lace edging for the pink wrap. When I finish two of these projects, I'll start another. Something from my stash, but what?????

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turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh that's pretty! A pillow-panel, eh? I think that will be wonderful! I'm nearly done the skirt then I can pick out my next crochet project. I have a few patterns I've bought through ravelry that I need to get going on. Shrugs I think.