Saturday, June 28, 2008

Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl

Back in the day, when I was a humble (hah) teacher of our nation's youth, I made them call me the English goddess if I had done something to amaze or shock them. Or if I cut them some slack. Usually the latter.

It is only fit that I explore a mystery shawl from someone named Goddess Knits. Renee also has a cafe press store from which I'm contemplating a black T shirt.

Above is her logo which I find really lovely. (Hope she doesn't mind that I snitched the photo.)

Anyway I bring it up to you because you can still join this mystery event until June 30. The designer is using EZ's Pi shawl as the base. Hardly a mystery. But she has sort of turned the tables. Each clue gives you four different lace charts. The knitter chooses one to follow for that section of the shawl. So far there are three clues available. The mystery design depends on the knitter's choices -- No, I haven't started it yet; that would require serious ball winding.

I think it is very fascinating to look at the pictures of works in progress. This really is an online lace class. Watching how each shared piece unfolds can help you decide what you'd like to knit if you aren't willing to take that stab in the dark. You'll also learn some things about putting different lace patterns together.

This is like a huge group design project and I commend Renee of Goddess Knits for thinking it up. It's a Yahoo Group so go here and join. You won't be sorry.

Oh yeah. You might want to opt to get email in digest or just special notices from Renee and then read the rest online. This is a chatty bunch.


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