Thursday, June 05, 2008

Learning to Break the Rules

I love teaching freeform knitting. People always amaze themselves at what they can do without a pattern. We giggle a lot and make spontaneous decisions and a few mistakes and it's all good. Sunday's class was just a hoot. Especially since we had told people that the class started at three different times!!

And it did. I told everyone that the repetition was just good pedagogy. What a great group.

Elizabeth ( a felting fool) poked through some of my samples while Joanne and Sally knit.
Linda was in the third arriving group and quickly caught up; Lynn is looking for a crochet hook. It was so great that several folks could crochet--and so we did.
I don't know why Sally was breaking up. Truth--I wanted a picture of that fun sweater she knit.
Cindy and Tiffany were the first arrivals and left first as well. Rumor was someone was cooking dinner for them. Look hard and you can see Jean at the cash register. Buying yarn, what else?

This class has been very popular and I love to teach it. I'll do another in the fall.


jet said...

I really loved taking that class from you last time you taught it!! It fired up my imagination like nobody's business.

knitting dragonfly said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!