Saturday, June 28, 2008

So much yarn . . .

It's Yarn Swap time at Charlotte Yarn!!!!!! Time to destash and hopefully not to spend too much helping others do the same. I'm getting ready.

Most of this stays. There is a skein of Koigu for Cristi to recycle.
Felting wools, but will I ever use them?
These go. Some great superwash in manly colors.
I'm not sure how to sort these.
Yes, Aimee, that is roving. Foxfire Cotton and a cone of black mohair.
More cones, chenille and cotton. Mostly cottons of lace weight size. Can I let any of it go?

At least the exercise of going through it has produced new interest in some of the yarns. I have 5 projects under consideration, all from the stash. I feel noble.

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pooterp said...

I will be there on Saturday with a little cash and strong will...pp