Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Retreat in Hickory---late report

Shelley and I wind Kate's sticky yarn.

This is what I wrote after I arrived at the Catholic Conference Center near Hickory--
I'm always glad to travel Hiway 321 because the roadside is so clean--no billboards. The grass isn't very green and the trees are stark naked. Even so, the absence of civilization (except for the big asphalt ribbons of road and the occasional truck) is a nice mental break.

At that point, Lynda M showed up and put me to work. And it started . . .

Sallie, Linda, Heather
The "campers" were all interesting folk with great stories to share. Meal times were lively. As camp food goes, it was better than some I've been to. My fish on Friday night had been baked with lemon and capers and was good. Breakfast provided lots of choices and I didn't have to eat that biscuit---which was so go-o-o-d.

Rachel, Pat, Kate
Charlene Schurch is an excellent instructor. Her visual aids were really excellent. She pitched the class so taht all levels learned. We got to see the socks from her two great books. I loved that she confessed most of them have no mate.
Meg, Lynda, Dinah
When I first started designing, I wore my pieces. Then I realized I needed to be able to show them, so now they go into a drawer. It hadn't occurred to me to knit just one. Hm-m-m-m.

Charlene's Frost Flower lace shawl was my favorite. This picture doesn't capture the vivid color, but you can clearly see the pattern.
Jet, Karen, Elizabeth
I thought the weekend was a blast. The location was truly a retreat from a busy life; class and yarn shopping was fun, but best of all, was the two night slumber party.

Shelley who loves to have her picture taken


turtlegirl76 said...

But you got her in the first photo! Stick some yarn in her hands and she's helpless to hide! Hee!

lamurray said...

And me, I fell asleep Saturday in the middle of a sentance. If that's not the ultimate slumber party embarrassment I don't know what is!