Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet Thing Sticks to Your Shoulders

The latest Merely a Suggestion pattern.

This scarf/shawl works well as both a simple shawl which is shaped enough to stay on your shoulders (First important design detail) and
as a scarf worn with the triangle in front and the ends wrapped around the neck and falling to the front.
The lovely lace edging is simply knitted on at the end of the pattern. No sewing on or knitting tiny rows forever and slip stitching them to the body. (Second important design detail.)

I used the new Araucania yarn Ruca Multy for the main body of the shawl. It is 100% sugar cane, hence the name. Softer than possible, it drapes beautifully over the body. After much swatching I discovered the colors were shown best in simple garter stitch. The yarn is available at Charlotte Yarn ($14, 263 yds. per 100 gr) and you only need one skein.

The lace edge is knit in Crystal Palace Panda Silk ($9, Bamboo, Merino, Silk, 204 yds/ 50 gr.) and uses less than one skein.

Sizing the shawl up or down is easy and the directions for doing so are in the pattern. It is available from Charlotte Yarn, jpknits.com, and Ravelry. Enjoy.


Rocky Moreno said...

Very pretty!

turtlegirl76 said...

I am most likely going to be purchasing this pattern (and yes, the yarn *sigh* tomorrow when i work. I spied it last week and nearly succumbed but I avoided temptation. It's so pretty!