Thursday, March 19, 2009


A new sweater--top down of course--in process. I have stopped here to make a decision on where it goes. Definitely empire line, but what will be the bottom? Katia Bombay, 100% mercerized cotton. Has some bounce. I may publish the pattern.
Please note the crochet on the edge of the neck. Big important tip!!! Use a row of single crochet or a running basting stitch along the edge of necklines and armholes to prevent over stretching them while you are knitting the rest of the garment. When you complete the garment, you can remove them or use them. I like options.
Regia sock yarn in a Kaffe Fassett colorway. This was souvenir yarn from a beach trip with the gang. Way back when I bought it, I had not yet seen this available in Charlotte. Now Charlotte Yarn stocks it regularly. The colors are too beautiful.
However-----I have to break up the strip somewhere, somehow. Tune in later.

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