Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spindle Success

I learned to spin on a wheel--actually an 18th c. reproduction at a local history site--

I'm a fair hand at it. I spin by the seat of my pants. No math, no data, just two ply sport and dk weight yarns.

Drop spindles came much later and were a disaster for me. Merike Saarnit took me in hand at a dye workshop and I discover top whorls and bowls for parking. Still clumsy though.

Jet's talented husband Preston began making spindles. Gorgeous, intricate whorl patterns. Small, "lady-like" spindles. Had to have one. (Mine is one of his simpler ones.)

Bought it; couldn't spin with it. We all knew it wasn't the spindle that was the problem.

Enter friend Cat!

She said, "Oh. Change hands. Spin it with your dominant hand and draft with the other." A-hem! That's how I do it at the wheel. Duh.
She said, "Park and drive."
I said, "Park and draft."
She said, "Whatever."

Result--Sock and lace weight singles. Can ply or can knit energized singles a la Kathryn Alexander.

I love Cat.


akabini said...

"Park and drive" made me think of "Park and ride."

Makes me want to get out my (Turkish bottom-whorl) spindle again!

On second thought, I'm just getting back on speaking terms with my new wheel, so perhaps she'll come out today in celebration of your new fun.

Gorgeous spindle, btw! What nice friends to have.

Jet LeBlanc said...


turtlegirl76 said...

My love. Thou hast forsaken me.