Thursday, February 26, 2009

FO-OTN-Miss Babs-Jeans

First, thanks for the awesome suggestions for my Greek list. It will be so much better than it was.

The Melon shawl--Steve named it after the small watermelons we see early in May before real watermelon season--is complete except for embellishing. I was very far into it before I discovered this particular technique for handling the sneeziness I was battling with the mohair. I had a Kleenex trapped under my glasses to mask my lower face. Now that really looked ridiculous, and it didn't work all that well. Then I remembered the masks I use for dyeing. Better. A really good idea is a soft surgical mask. Now to figure out how to wear it---without the mask. Final pic later.

Next project?
Remi purchased some wonderful new summer yarns. I'm using this neat cotton--Katia Bombay--fingering wt--100g=251 yds--$14.00. Long color repeats. This little lace pic is nice on a size 4 needle. So far this is a pullover. Other decisions as necessary. Probably a slightly dropped empire line. Definitely short sleeves. I just think it will look great with the white pants and white shirts I wear all summer. Maybe this will stop people coming up and asking for medical advice. Do I look like a nurse??? Well . . . .

Monday I drove up to Hickory to the Catholic Conference Center where the Charlotte Knitting Guild is hosting a retreat this weekend. The famous Miss Babs of hand dye fame (redundant) is providing a trunk show for the group and I showed up to help arrange storage for the yarn until we get there and buy it all. She is so sweet and brought such good stuff.

I started to take pictures as Jennifer unloaded, but then I decided to wait so as not to frustrate this weekend's participants. Also didn't want anyone to see the yarn I have already put back for me --hee--hee. Check out her website if you haven't seen her stuff. She also brought us gifts--no hints.

Finally, those great (2 size smaller) jeans I am wearing in the picture with Miss Babs are brand new and so cool. They were featured on Oprah and the salesclerk at Dillards insisted I try them on. Smart woman. Ask for Wade. Anyway, they come with a disclaimer and I share it with you. This is a label from inside the jeans.

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turtlegirl76 said...

My reds and oranges must be hidden on the bottom of those bins then, eh? ;)