Monday, February 16, 2009

Matador-ish is finally finished.

Side view. Steve took these and I'm finally getting him to understand that you only care about the sweater and to get in close.
Here's the back and I really like the simple peplum suggested by Kate.
The front--Yes, I should have put on a different shirt. Also I am all scrunched up because I haven't yet done the couture closure that I promised. I'm holding it closed against the elastic and am trying to pretend I'm not. Just need to go buy the grograin ribbon.
This really shows the stitches. I used a linen stitch for about an inch around the waist. Inside I have hem stitched a nice piece of black elastic to the top and bottom of the linen stitch rows. This pulls everything in nicely and gives some support to the waist area. I'm very pleased with this touch.

All in all I am satisfied with this top down sweater. It fits perfectly and the Shelridge Farm W4 yarn is so soft.


turtlegirl76 said...

I love it. That's the one I saw you wearing the other day right? Have you found the ribbon?

Lynda said...

Hey How did I miss this until today? This is a great sweater. Is it your pattern?