Friday, February 06, 2009

Planning my knit life

Remi is such a taskmaster. Nag, nag, nag. What are you going to teach? When will you write it up? ---NOT-T-T!!!! Actually she is always so "when you have time" oriented that it makes me a little guilty. Therefore I'm planning 6 months ahead this time.

I'm not going to announce all 6 months; can't be that locked in. But I will have something ready for her before she even asks. A-hah!! Feeling proud.

I love my new little two hour classes because they bring me together with so many new folks. They don't realize how old my jokes are. They bring new yarns and new problems for me to solve--I love both.

I think we know have a lot of sweater knitters who may be interested in learning how to custom fit their work rather than just knitting a medium. I'm going to offer a class on making a sloper and analyzing your places to tweak the pattern, and how. I'm also going to offer a top down tank class followed by a set in sleeve class.

I've been redecorating (as a pace that would stifle a snail) and I'm thinking home dec stuff. I love decorating pillows someone else made and stuffed--I know it's easy--it's just not really fun. For me. Spaghetti sauce on your pillow--Great--Knit a fix.
This one is just stashdiving and intarsia.

I also want to put my new brioche skills to work. Maybe a throw, maybe just a cloth.

My Matadorish sweater is completed, but needs some alterations. Kate taught me a neat way -- actually the coutour way-- to button a jacket waistband. It doesn't include a buttonhole. Stay tuned.

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