Monday, February 16, 2009

V-Day and New on Needles

Valentine's Day and a gorgeous bouquet from Steve. Lily, gerber daisy, other daisy, roses, chrysanthemum--all favorites of mine. Just so sweet. He was clearly proud of his choices, and I am so grateful--I love fresh flowers.


A brioche stitch shawl knit lengthwise with a steek so I can mindlessly work on it. I will cut the steek, pull out the stitches and have fringe--or weave in the ends and have a different end treatment.

Noro Yuzen, Wool, silk, mohair. Color 1; black, charcoal, grey, teal, yellow-green from Charlotte Yarn.
Brooks Farm Primero--100% mohair. Green ombre from SAFF, 2007.

Size 8 US Kollage SQUARE needles with the softest circular cable you could ever imagine. Ordered from

I'm guessing I'll use about 500 yards of each yarn for a finished shawl about 77 inches long and 18 wide.

I'm knitting it lengthwise so I will have vertical stripes on my back when I wear it. Always thinking vertical as in "vertically challenged."

Brioche stitch--it bears repeating--is so rhythmic and fun to knit. Zen like. And I'm not alone in my opinion. See earlier comment.


Debra said...

I was at Charlotte Yarn Sat. and saw your patterns. They look incredible! Congratulations.

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh nice! But that's alotta mohair! =P