Friday, May 02, 2008

What about this?

This is a tank designed by Ann Budd and free on the Interweave Knits site. I looked at all the projects on Ravelry. Lots of disatified folks; most found they knit it too large. They also used a soft spun cotton like Blue Sky Organic Cotton and it knits big and has no memory. I'm thinking something like Cascade Fixation with that bit of elastic to give it memory. Maybe a cabled cotton yarn.

Kate B. has a sewing pattern with this pointed front and it is very flattering. The trick is to keep the point shorter than the sweater above. Several people wound up with the point in a very risque position. The bias knitting also can round the belly and make you look pregnant. So why am I even considering this?

I think you could shape the waist area by knitting that section in a needle about two sizes smaller. I don't want an extreme shape, just to control the shape and skim the body. I also think a DK weight would look better on me. I do like the striped yarns with it. It would be possible to knit it to fit the sewing pattern and use a drapey stitch pattern instead of the bias knit.

Like I said, I'm just thinking about it. Any advice?

UFO report
Central Park Hoodie is at present a vest with no hood. I have bought a zipper and will decide about sleeves after I try it on with the zipper. I'm sure the hood is a non-starter.

Nova yarn lace socks are at a stand still.

I'm playing with Noro Sock Yarn and I think I'm making hand warmers. Only a few more rows before I have to commit to those over socks.

I have some seacell yarn from the shop and have designed a summer lacy capelet. It's about half finished and will go to Remi at Charlotte Yarn for a shop sample. The pattern is my property, and I will offer a class on it. It's a fun thing to wear and I've deliberately chosen some fun lace and stitch patterns which I will enjoy teaching.

A Finished Object!
I've finished the baby faux cable socks for DH. I'll post picks here and on Ravelry later. They aren't on this computer and the home network Davey and Dani created for me isn't working. We'll fix it later. They are working with an adventurous computer user who has large, significant holes in her knowledge.


knittycat said...

I think you're right, it is a flattering shape, but a different yarn and a different stitch could make it much more better. I vote, go for it! :)

Janet Richards said...

My sister made that pattern in a cotton - I think Cotton Ease, but I could be wrong. I turned out great on her.

For full figured me - I figured it would need a lot of adjustments - LOL.

But it was a cute knit. I'd recommend you go for it!

Carrie said...

I made it in Cotton Fleece, and I ended up with the point in a risque place. :) But, the tank itself was very flattering. I agree that the right yarn and a short point would be great!

P.S. I work with your son-in-law Paul at UGA, and when I told him I was a knitter, he said I had to check out your blog. I see you are on Ravelry too, and a member of the Purling Puppies webring (which I started a long time ago!) it's such a small world!