Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Design Group Fun

Want to have a lot of fun for an hour or so? Well, just drop by Charlotte Yarn. It doesn't matter who is working, you'll have fun.

I stopped by on Tuesday and found Sandy manning the place alone for a short bit. She had a new sample on display--a shrug, wrap, shoulder shawlish thing. It was made of Nostalgia, a Berroco yarn that just sings summer tunes. I raved over it, and she gave me a copy of the pattern.

Cat and Remi came in and then the fun really began. Praise the shawl, talk about the shawl, and then---Cat said, Well, you could add one of my buttons as a closure and wear it this way.

We went nuts from there. Cat wins the prize for most creative when she turned it around backwards. We tried it on many ways and then Sandy pushed us out into the parking lot and started making pictures. It was amazing that tall, thin Cat and short, round Jane could both look good in the same design. Sandy also said Patsy had worn it on Monday and looked great in it. Here are my high fashion photos---

Notice that in the back view the "tails" of the shawl hang in such a way as to cover any unsightly thigh bulges. How lovely.

The pattern is called Charlotte Yarn's Summer Shawl and is free with purchase of yarn. I'm knittng mine out of Louet Euroflax linen, but I recommend (other than the Nostalgia) Noro's cabled cotton yarn, Mission Falls Cotton, Ty-Dy, or any of the DK or worsted Debbie Bliss yarns. Lots of pretty cottons are available.

I've also thought of several different ways to get similar effects. Cat even figured how to quickly attach her buttons or remove them. Just whatever floats your boat.


turtlegirl76 said...

That's awesome! Love the potential with it.

Jeanmarie said...

I think I want it...pp