Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Teaching, Designing (Oops), Dyeing

Mitered Hat class was small but loads of fun. Dear friend of many years Pat was there. I don't get to see her often, but every once in a while she takes a class from me. She doesn't need the class, she just needs the excuse to leave work and have fun. Type A doesn't begin to explain Pat.

Davey, my Mac guru, also came. He's only been knitting 10 months and has already produced two pair of wonderful socks. Now he's thinking about modular stuff. Notice how quiet he appears and studious, even taking notes. Just a momentary lapse. He's still hyper Davey. He won the New Knitter award at Guild last night. :)

The lace class from last weekend inspired me to want to teach more, so I designed a capelet with some interesting, but not too difficult lace patterns. These pics show the early part of the design. Turtlegirl76 spent her time taking awesome pics of it last night, and dummy that I am----I erased them. I thought they had loaded. I'll take more today of the finished product. I love it and may not be able to give it to Remi for the shop.

This is Diros Cave in Greece. We visited here on our trip to Greece with Knitter's Magazine. Unbelievably beautiful. Why is it here? Well, I still have lots of the ugly peach Galway that Remi gave me to dye. That color is in this picture--but the other colors make for a pretty effect. Inspiration!!!! I'll try to dye this.
Travel is never a waste of money.


turtlegirl76 said...

Too much talking tonight. We totally forgot to retake the pictures. D'oh!

Janet Richards said...

Remi told me I just missed you when I stopped by Charlotte Yarn. And of course was parted with some of my $$s as a trip to CY never ends without a purchase for me :)

I loved your Hydrangea (sp?) scarf! I bought the pattern because I had never thought of adding beads to it - I thought it was lovely! Hope to see you next time I stop by.