Friday, May 30, 2008

See Jane Teach

Yep, that's me showing my Knitter's Math class diagrams of necks and armcyes.
Everyone was transfixed. Well, Frances and Rose were. Robin is wondering what she's doing in this madness and Jeannie is sure I've lost my mind.
Dani, my computer mentor, is doing the geek thing--taking notes. But Corey--ah, Corey, she is a true knitter. She's listening, she's questioning, but most importantly, she's knitting.

I always take my knitting to classes in case there is some wait time or a break. Never waste a moment when there is knitting to be done. Ask turtlegirl76 about her socks for knitting in traffic.

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Janet Richards said...

Ha, Ha - me to. My knitting is with me always. I've even knitted in car line for Starbucks or food. Get's a suprised look from the teller when they see what I'm doing. :)

I have to attend one of your classes, looks like they are very informative.