Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hillary comes to Charlotte; New Noro on needles

Chelsea introduced her mom in glowing terms. She smiled and looked at Hillary with so much love and pride. What a lovely young woman.
Hillary spoke for at least 45 minutes. She was strong, articulate, very specific, and very warm. I had heard many sound bites from her stump speech, but hearing the whole thing was wonderful. I'm nervous about the Tuesday primary; I do so want her to win.

Do you think the reason she looks so rested, energetic, and calm after all these months might be because she is a secret knitter? Speaking of knitting . . .

This is the new Noro sock yarn in a very bold and tropical colorway. Think parrots in the Amazon forest. The jury is still out on whether I like it or not. Of course I love the color, but there are some issues. It is a single ply as is most Noro. To be strong enough for a sock, it had to be really overspun; that's why it keeps twisting back on itself. I never pull more than a yard and a bit off the ball at any time and this helps the kinky frustration.

It feels a bit stiff, yet I think the above is going to be fingerless gloves. When I slide it down over my hand, it feels very nice, not at all scratchy.

I'm knitting a Twisted Austrian Traveling st pattern on the front and back. These st patterns are never easy, but they are even more difficult with this yarn. It has so very little stretch. I was a dork for even trying this with this yarn, but sometimes you get so far along and it looks really pretty and you just refuse to give up. At least I do.

I've started adding on the thumb gusset. I'm just winging it so I may wind up with a teapot cozy. I just love knitting on the edge---it's really not a steep one.

More new projects are coming soon.


turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh pretty! The sock looks great!

Jet said...

That looks amazing!

Janet Richards said...

I like the sock yarn with cables - looks nice.

I agree with your comments tho - I actually like the Noro sock yarn for anything but socks LOL.

I love it for lace :) And you have to admit the colors are amazing!