Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long Time, No See

Okay, I could have been busy, but actually I've been stupid. Playing with medications--yeah, doctor is involved--and my brain has been weird.

Lots of activity during this time. First, my friend Shelley sells boutique wines, really good ones. My Sewing Bird Beaching group met for a wine tasting led by Shelley. It's easy and not very expensive so check out her site.

Anne's silver shoes were the perfect attire. We didn't knit because, well, wine and needles--you know.Patsy provided chocolate and cheeses to accompany the wine. If you haven't had dark chocolate with red wine, you are missing a big treat. Both taste better together.

The Hillary Clinton campaign opened there office here and I attended. I must have put together 100 yard signs, but I also took one home. Lots of young people working as interns. This is Nathan and Chris.

Kate met me there and we signed up to help some and got our buttons. We sneaked off before the local politicians spoke and had some wine and beer at Rooster's.

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