Saturday, April 05, 2008

Wine Tasting Party

Once each month the staff from The Sewing Bird get together to catch up, eat a little, and talk knitting and sewing. This month my friend Shelley joined us to do a wine tasting. She's phenomenal and we had a blast. This is a superior way to have an easy party. Check out Shelley's website. The wine is wonderful; I drank more than enough to make that evaluation.
Toby and Marilyn worked hard at the swishing it through your mouth.

Beth and Anne are serious about their wines and contributed lots to the discussions.
This is Diane who tries hard to keep us straight and often succeeds. Patsy provided her home and lots of cheese and dark chocolate to assist our palates. Patsy has recently joined the staff at Charlotte Yarn so look for her there on Monday and Thursday. She's the funniest person I know. And one of the nicest.
After the tasting, talk turned to needlework stuff. These are some bags that Patsy has recently made and we loved them. Diane K. gave them a good look.

This is such an amazing group of women. Everyone is very talented in some way and talk often turns to creative ideas. No matter what your dilemma, someone always has a great solution.


turtlegirl76 said...

First yarn now wine. Enabler. I just ordered 2 bottles.

Janet Richards said...

I miss the Sewing Bird - I loved the ladies there. There was a lovely Irish lady that I especially enjoyed talking to, how is she doing? I didn't see her in your pictuers. I hope they are all well.