Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stashalong 2008 -- Get Ready

I saw some blogs about Stashalong 2007 and I thought about joining. I did sell a lot of my stash this year and I have be pretty good about not buying new stuff. I'm trying to design and knit from what I have. I even delete emails from my favorite purveyors of happiness unread. Yep, feeling pretty noble here.

I spotted the Stashalong 2008 site and decided I just needed to set a few manageable goals (Oh, yeah) and suck it up. Here's my initial set of goals.

Stashalong 2008 Goals

1. Every other project must be made entirely from my stash.

2. Sock yarn does count.

3. I may purchase acrylic yarn for charity knitting. (None in my stash)

4. Exception: I may purchase a *new yarn to use to design for a class I will teach.
*New means it is a hot item for the shop. on the net, or in the mags. My students will be looking for guidance with this yarn.

5. Don’t abuse the exception.

6. I may trade yarn in any amounts.

7. I will reduce my stash by 40 skeins by December, 2008. Partial balls will be estimated and will be included in the count.

If you want to join click on the link above and take a look at the site. It will also connect you to Stashalong 2007 for a look-see. If you know hhobama, please recommend this to her.


turtlegirl76 said...

Those are pretty reasonable goals. Mine will be simple. Knit primarily from my stash. The exception being, I shall only buy yarn only from the shop with my employee discount. Exemptions may be made for Maryland Sheep & Wool and SAFF. And any other fiber fest I might make it to. =P

The_Add_Knitter said...

Yeah, sock yarn DOES count, it's my biggest weakness! I'm joining but am giving myself special dispensation for MD S & W...