Friday, December 14, 2007

Tudora the Necks-plora

Okay, I've been hanging with two years olds recently.

The Tudora is coming along nicely. The Brooks Farm mohair feels so silky in my hands. I'm trying to tighten my ribbing by wrapping my purl sts the opposite way and Ktbl on the reverse side. Seems to be working nicely. Can't wait to see this blocked. Saw a great button at Charlotte Yarn yesterday, but it may be too large for my stub of a neck.

Went to Goodwill yesterday hunting for cheap teapots to use to display the cozies I've yet to design and make. No joy, but did find a wicker fern table for my porch and a plastic tissue box cover to use to display the Tissue Box Turtleneck shown by Debbie Brisson on Knitty Gritty. I'm thinking to knit one without the holiday theme. It might drum up some students for a Fair Isle class.

Knitting friend Denise, aka The BasketCase Lady, shared a hoot of a site on another list. Take a look at this. Seems an advertising agency is trying to show their stuff.

My only holiday decoration this year is our 30 inch tree which comes pre-lit for a whopping $6.00. (I live with Ebenezer.) I decorated it with small knitted sweaters that I developed for a guild program some years ago. Now Berroco has put out a free pattern that takes it a step further style-wise. It's such a neat way to use up special yarns. Each Christmas you can rethink your knitting history. They would look nice on a wreath also.


turtlegirl76 said...

Where'd you get that tree? Mine gave up the ghost so I'm stuck with a "bouquet" of broken limbs I bought at lowes. I think Calvin might be allergic to it though. He's been wheezing since I bought it.

Yosemite said...

I love the miniature sweaters. Thanks for link to the patterns. It's something I have to do for next year.