Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yell, Knit, Share, Create

I've spent the day trying to get geocities to allow me to edit my patterns and publish them so the links on here are the latest versions. Arg-g-g-gh. Need own website. Pal Lynda is conferring and I will pick turtlegirl76s brain as well.

I'm doing a bit of knitting. Started the lovely Tudora in the new issue of Knitty. I'm using the yarn Shelley made me buy (not a hard sell) at SAFF. It's Brooks Farm Primero, 100% mohair. I'm holding it double and knitting on a size 4 needle. A very quick knit. My incision is still a bit irritated or I'd have a finished piece for you. Can't wait to pick out a button.
Cindy Love sent me a picture of her version of my Bird Walking socks. Smart reader that she is, she also found an error which I spent the day trying to correct. She says she has knit two pair and gifted one. I'm just blown away that she liked the pattern so much and has shared her pic with me.

I'm still nursing this tea cozy obsession. I've drafted a fair isle pattern for it, but haven't picked the yarn yet. Here's a peak:

More later. . .


turtlegirl76 said...

Any thoughts on a steeked french press cozy?

Shel said...

And you continue to lay unfair. You know you have been waiting for a green yarn to jump into your life. :)