Friday, December 28, 2007

Consumer reports--yarns, patterns, classes

Remember these?

These are the socks made with Maizy, Crystal Palace's corn fiber yarn that I wrote about Sunday, September 23, 2007. I gave them to my DD1 and she told me this week that she would be very happy to have more made with the same yarn. She likes how it wears and washes.--and she is very particular!

Also an update on the Tudora I was knitting with two strands of Brooks Farm Primero. I did finish, but frogged it. Sorry, I didn't get a pic. The yarn was too heavy and a bit scratchy. Even though I shortened the pattern, it still was uncomfortable. I'm trying to design one of my own which will fix the things I didn't like and i will teach a class with it. I keep trying stitch patterns that I am interested in, and then realize that many of my students would be really pushed to learn them in a 3 hour class. The last think I want in a frustrated knitter; they tend to become former knitters. I'll keep working on the neck warmer--it will be silk--and I'll try to figure something else for the mohair stuff.

I gathered last week with Sandy and Remi to plan Charlotte Yarn's classes for the next two months. We had a ball brainstorming and planning. The entire results are at the Charlotte Yarn site. My classes are posted on my new site. Have a look if you are interested.

DD2 belongs to a craft book club that is selling everything at 9.99 this week. She invited me to join her order and boy, did I! Here are three that I selected:

I'm really excited about the floorquilts one. It is fabric decoupage on canvas to make a floor cloth type rug. Sounds perfect for a person who has dogs instead of rugs. Life is a series of choices and I choose dogs. Well, wouldn't you?

Henry, age 14
Jake, age 6

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