Thursday, January 03, 2008

BAM!--no cooking involved

Well, I finally got to BAM-Cotswold. That's Books a Million, a most patient bookstore. They actually allow some very strange people to just hang out and drink coffee and knit. And laugh. And misbehave. And scare some of the customers.
This is what it looked like last night. There were knitters who are very intense, even when KIP.

There were knitters who are somewhat silly.

There are knitters who may actually be certifiable.

And there are confident knitters above it all.
I will allow others to designate in which group I belong.

We talked about the Central Park Hoodie and several want to make it, so we are thinking about making it at the same time. Not a formal Knit-along, but a somewhat looser group-knit. Much discussion about using stash and which yarn to buy. Turtlegirl76 refuses to believe that I don't have plenty in my stash to use, but worsted weight is big yarn to me and I only have some Kureyon and some Cotton Fleece, both of which I consider light worsted. Okay, I'll do the math and make it work.

I scouted Ravelry today and found one person who used the Cotton Fleece and it did well. Lots of Cascade 220 which I also don't think is a true worsted and some Paton's Classic Wool that I do think is a true worsted. (I sound like the college football announcers talking about True Freshmen.) I think I'll use the Cotton Fleece in the My Blue Heaven colorway. The multi-colored ones did not show the pattern well. Didn't think the really dark solids did either. Pooterprincess should definitely go with the red Patons.


Virtuous said...

AAh so hate I missed you at BAM!
Will be there later on in the month!
Looks like business at usual though! :o)

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you this week
pooter p

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