Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cold Air, Warm Feet

I'm in love again. It's been at least one entire winter without felted clogs and I had forgotten that special feeling. I only have them now because of a failure to check the felting process and the fact I have very short (insubstantially short) feet.

These were for Erica for Christmas---sorry kid. I was "teaching" BFF Kate to felt. The washer is down in the basement and my knees are @#$%^ed. Kate's pumpkins faired well, but two pair of clogs went to Shortville. Surely the DGS will grow to the greens ones.

I wear them everyday. Some nights I sleep in them. I hate to go out because I have to take them off. I thought I could just give the ones still on the needles to one of the girls, but . . . . After all, those are bright blue and black and were designed just for me. It wouldn't be too selfish to keep them, would it? (Be sure to answer correctly here.)

I use the old FiberTrends pattern which I have rewritten so it can be easily read. That blue paper is for the birds, and even white paper doesn't help when the print is small and all crammed together. Oops. That is another rant, I mean, topic.

Felted clog tip: Choose a color that is brighter than the finished color you want. My soft pink is a little too soft and looks a bit faded. Felting always dulls the color some.

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lamurray said...

Feel free to wear your clogs to my house anytime :-)

Also I have divided the pattern into cards if you would like a copy. Some very wise lady suggested this to me.